Q: "What's your minimum?"
A: The shop rate is $150 an hour for tattooing, and we have a one hour minimum. 

Q: "Do you take walk ins?"

A: We do walk ins whenever we're not doing appointments. Be sure to bring your design or reference if you stop by!

Q: "What's your style?"
A:   Bold will hold. We try to make the most solid, elegant tattoo possible while still rendering our client's vision. Strong lines, smooth shading, and bright, clear colors. We follow the golden rule, and tattoo you the way we get tattooed ourselves. 

Q: "Do you tattoo hands/feet/necks/faces?"
A:  Outside of very special circumstances, no. 

Q: "What kind of inks do you use?"
A:  We use Waverly tattoo pigments. They are vegan-safe, kosher, and additive-free. 

Q: "Why are those machines so quiet?"
A:   We use specially modified rotary tattoo machines, engineered to be efficient, quiet, and relatively pain-free. That efficiency translates to faster heal times, better color saturation, more crisp lines, and an all-around more pleasant tattoo experience.  Also there's no !@#$% buzzing. 

Q: "Can I bring a friend?"
A:  For your design session/consultation YES. It's good to have a friend to bounce ideas around with.  It's best to treat your tattoo session the same way you'd treat a doctor's office visit, solo. When your friend's there you talk, and when you talk you move. That's no good for tattooing.  

Q: "Do you mind if *I* talk?"
A:  When you talk during a tattoo session, you move.  We'd LOVE to have a chat, but we should go get some root beer later and do it right. 

Q: "Can you offer private sessions?
A: Yes, we have a privacy screen during normal shop hours or we can schedule a fully private appointment.

Q: "Do you fix old tattoos?
A:   YES. We love to redo old tattoos to make them fresh again.  

Q:  "How much for a ______? (sleeve, backpiece, etc)"
A:   Our shop rate is $150 an hour, for as long as your tattoo takes. 

Q:   "What's your phone number? Why don't you have a phone number??"
A:   We're a tiny studio, and it's just the two of us. We're almost always working. You can stop by to talk to us any time, or reach us through email (cottagecitytattoo@gmail.com). Please provide a full description of the tattoo you want, the size, and placement. We'll get back to you quickly!

Q: "I found this awesome tattoo on Pinterest, can you put it on me?"
A:  It's great to be inspired by a tattoo you saw online, but we can't copy someone's custom design. Let's work to find the best tattoo for *you*.