Before you get tattooed you want to:

1. Get a good night's sleep!

2. Eat a good breakfast, some fruit, drink lots of fluids!

3. Shave/clip the area you're getting tattooed, especially if yer hairy! Mow it down so we don't have to. 

4. Bathe, of course. 

5. Not be hungover or otherwise strung out. 

6. Chill. We are a calm shop, please don't be freaking out or bring your friend who's freaking out. Seriously

7. Stay out of the sun. Tattooing sunburnt skin is miserable for everyone involved. 

8. Make an aftercare plan, and either buy ointment (Aquaphor, A&D etc) from the drug store or Hustle Butter luxury tattoo care from us. 

Thanks for being considerate!!